February 20, 2018
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Mopal History

In March of 1982, Mopal Construction Limited was born by the collaboration of five men, all former colleagues of a large firm Repac which was closing.  These newly formed partners had intentions to offer similar services on a smaller scale.  Focusing on Asphalt, Concrete, & Landscaping, Mopal entered the residential market generating clients through local door to door selling.  In the midst of a recession times were tough, and Mopal remained small to satisfy the residential market.

After five years of business, one of the partners Ferdinando Macri had envisioned Mopal becoming a larger medium sized company offering more services and reaching a broader market.  The other partner’s content with the company’s size, a takeover was then launched in 1987 giving Ferdinando Macri sole ownership of the company.  Immediately after the takeover Mopal nearly doubled its equipment, increased its customer base, and more than doubled its staff.  An addition of services had been added to Mopal’s portfolio with Drainage systems, Excavation, Grading, and Interlocking.  Mopal shifted its market to Municipal & Commercial contracting and eliminated the Residential sector.

Mopal has always been a leader in adapting innovation and technology to make a project run more efficient, a strength which our clients and staff can appreciate.  Mopal has been able to secure and sustain an excellent reputation within the construction industry and earned respect for its integrity.  Many long term client relationships have been developed and flourished in who all can endorse our work.

Over the last 30 years, Mopal was built and grown through the principles of Dedication, Commitment, Quality Workmanship, and Family which are engraved through all levels of the company.  It has been through these principles and our employee’s commitment to this common goal, that Mopal is the successful firm it is today.  Each individual at Mopal is empowered through family principles which gives us our strong foundation and enables us to achieve “The Extraordinary.”