February 20, 2018
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Mopal Safety

Safety is Priority No. 1

At Mopal Construction the safety of our workers and the safe conditions and practices of our work sites is of the highest priority, and every resonable precaution shall be taken to provide such an environment.

All supervisors on our site, whether working directly or subcontracted for Mopal Construction, are expected to perform their duties and responsibilities in a manner which ensures that workers under their authority have the knowledge, training or training to perform their assigned job tasks in the safest manner possible. All supervisors must ensure their workers are familiar with the actual and potential hazards of the job and what their understanding is of the safety standards and regulations that apply to their work.

It is required that everyone follows the Corporate Health and Safety section of our Policy and Procedures Manual, and of course we will continue entertaining suggestions on how we might improve our safety program. Safety is everyone's business, so let's all work together as a team to maintain and improve our safe working environment.

Ferdinando Macri